Japan: Kushimura, Roppongi

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I mentioned this little yakitori restaurant before but just wanted to post and talk about it once more. Over the past weekend I made some yakitori at home, thinking about this place the entire time. Continue reading

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PTX is back: Havana

One of my favorite songs from the past year is Havana by Camila Cabello. It’s a fun twist of hip hop and Latin music with a little bit of rap added to it. Camila is an incredible talent but this song has been taken to another level with the masters, Pentatonix, doing their own version and making a few twists of their own. Matt Sallee is now full time as the bass of the group and man, he fits right in with the rest of insane musical talent. Enjoy it and get ready for more as PTX returns in 2018 with more music, videos, and a new tour later in the year.

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Out for a bit

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Hello everyone, the blog is going to be pretty much quiet this week because I am still battling a head cold and hoping it doesn’t get any worse. Vitamin C, Mucinex, fluids, and soup are my best friends right now and I’m hoping to get back in the loop as quickly as possible. Until then, the blog is going to be sidelined like I am right now. I’ll be back soon!

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Happy with the decision

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I don’t write about them anymore, but I’m still a fan.

A few weeks ago I decided to give up sports blogging and man oh man, I am so happy I did. I find myself with more free time and don’t feel like I have a second job to work on every evening.¬† Continue reading

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Getting Prepared: Water – Continued

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In my last blog about getting prepared, I talked about some of the first steps I’m taking in getting prepared for hurricane season in regards to storing water. In this short blog I’m going to list out of the ideas I have in getting prepared when a storm is closing in. Continue reading

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Japan: Lake Ashi

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Picture and scene were incredible on this day last year, the weather, not so much. 40 degrees, rain, and wind, but it was worth taking it all in.

As a side note, this tour, which is part of a sight seeing day tour that includes Mt. Fuji (which I could not see due to weather), includes a boat ride across Lake Ashi and then up Mt.¬†Komagatake. The Hakone cable car that takes you up to Mt. Komagatake is quite the trip. It’s an old car and man, when the wind picks up, the whole car shakes back and forth and with a full car (they pack you in), it can be a little unnerving. This is just something to keep in mind if you do this kind of tour.

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Japan: Osaka at night

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Maybe Osaka is added to the 2019 agenda, who knows at this point. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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