Top 7 WWII Ally War Planes: Number 3

Image result for supermarine spitfire

Number three on my list is a British fighter that saved Britain during the Battle of Britain, keeping the Germans from invading the island nation. Say hello to the legendary Supermarine Spitfire. 

The Spitfire was a single-engine fighter that was built throughout the entire length of the war, 20,351 in total. The Spitfire was a powerful war plane powered by the legendary Rolls Royce Merlin engine, giving it incredible power and speed, giving it the ability to compete with the German fighters that were terrorizing the British country side.

This would prove to be super important for the battle of Britain as the Germans battled and bombed the island nation during the early parts of the war. At this point, England was really the only Ally still alive after Germany had conquered all of Europe. They were close to losing this battle, but the Spitfire and the incredible RAF, held them off and helped them win this air battle. There were other fighters in the RAF arsenal, but the Spitfire quickly became the workhorse in the air.

So what made this bird so powerful? The Merlin engine gave the Spitfire a speed of 370 MPH (max) and a range of 400 combat miles and the ability to hit 36,500 feet as its ceiling, high enough to counter and battle any German fighter. For arms, the Spitfire had several .303 Browning MKII machine guns and twin 20 mm cannons.  This powerful firepower helped the plane battle the Germans and saved them from being invaded.

Again, there were other planes that took part in WII from the British RAF, but the Spitfire became its lead fighter and it could do everything they needed it to do, making it such an iconic fighter.


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