TBR: 5 Keys for USF vs. Stony Brook

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Here are some of the keys for the Bulls vs. Stony Brook. There are some issues the Bulls will need to address for this game. 

Home opener for USF – Here we go, the Bulls are back home and set to be welcomed to RJS and the home crowd. Time for the fans to fill the stadium and cheer on the Bulls. Come on, we are ranked, have a victory under our belts, and are big time favorites to win this game, so show up and make some noise for this one.

FCS Foe – Alright, we just beat a DI program and now we get an FCS foe, what is the normally what most teams face in their first week. So, we have some game experience for the young guys and we need to take care of business in this game against this foe. Stony Brook does not have the talent to hang with the Bulls so USF should take care of business in this game (don’t make it Western Carolina again, thanks).

Will USF handle the pressure – This is going to be a repeating them throughout the year. We are ranked, have a victory and should win this game big time. So, how much will we win by? Will this team start out flat out again and hear it from the home fans? Will they strike fast to get the game going fast? We will have to wait and see.

Watch for senior Tyrice Beverette – Beverette is one of the best defensive players for Stony Brook, recording 98 tackles and 4 INTs last year. For the USF offense, especially Quinton Flowers, they really need to keep an eye on this guy whenever and wherever he is on the field. He’s not a player you want to go against.

Offensive play calling – The play calling against SJSU was questionable at best. The team ran the ball heavy at times, taking the ball out of Flowers hand early in the game. Yeah, they did adjust but we can’t afford another cold start like we saw last week. Time to let Flowers do what he does best with his arm and legs, move the pocket and then when the defense is so focused on Flowers, let the runners of USF get going and pound the rock.


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