Getting Prepared: Listen in

Image result for noaa radio

When the lights go out, so does the TV and the internet for your computer. Well, instead of burning your phone battery, why not just listen in to the radio or follow the storm via a NOAA radio. 

I got a NOAA radio last year (battery powered) and it is pretty reliable. I was able to connect to the NOAA signal right away and it came in strong. While I did not use it last year during Irma (I evacuated and did not need to bring it along), I have faith in it that it can provide all of the information I need during a storm.

Something I have added to the inventory is a new NOAA and AM/FM solar radio that can be solar powered, hand cranked to recharge, and when the power is still on, can be charged via USB. It can charge a cell phone in a pinch, has a light, and has a solid radio that has been able to tune into my favorite local channels and the NOAA radio frequency as well. All of these are important during a storm because you will need the information when the power goes out and let’s be honest, some music is not a bad thing to help break out the quiet that will hit after some time.

So much time is spent on water, food, and light, but people will often forget some simple items and try to rely on their cell phones. These radios are a great addition to any emergency set-up and will help save that precious cell phone battery in the process.


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