Top 10 USF Football Players to Enter the year: #10 Trent Schneider

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To start this count down, I am going with a new player on the roster, one that has never played a down for USF. Coming in at number ten for me is punter Trent Schneider. 

#39 Trent Schneider – 6′ 197 lbs. – Freshman – Punter – Sydney, Australia

So why is a freshman punter on the list? Well, let’s start with who he is. Schneider is a member of the 2018 recruiting class (rated 2 stars via Rivals) who enrolled early. He spent the 2016 season at Santa Barbara City College, where he punted the ball 48 times, averaging 38.6 yards per kick (long of 51 yards) and was named All State Honors as well in 2016.

So to get back to why he is on the list is simply because of necessity. He is the only punter the Bulls have on the active roster now with Jonathan Hernandez gone. There are a few other kicks on the team, but none have experience punting the ball at some collegiate level. The reports from the spring were mixed on the entire kicking situation, but again, he is the only listed punter on the active roster. Heck, he might even attempt to kick off or even attempt a field goal if the other kickers struggle in the fall. While he may not be the most important player on the entire roster, his position gets him on the this list.


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