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Getting Prepared: Listen in

When the lights go out, so does the TV and the internet for your computer. Well, instead of burning your phone battery, why not just listen in to the radio or follow the storm via a NOAA radio.  Advertisements

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The World Cup is Fun

Like some Americans, I’m not a huge soccer fan. I tend to find the games boring and slow paced, but that all changes when the World Cup begins. 

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Getting Prepared: An overlooked item

Hurricane supplies are straightforward (usually). Water, food, flashlights, generator, etc. are all the common items we go for but there is a luxury item that many are forgetting and I have made sure to cover it this year, I’m talking … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts on the Yuengling Center

Last week the new naming deal for the old Sun Dome was made official, as the stadium was re-named the Yuengling Center under a new 10-year deal with the local brewery (becomes official as of July 1st). 

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Paint is back!

Paint is back and oh dear god, he went for it. This is the first After Ever After by Paint in 4 years and the first two have become legendary. Each one has over 50 million views and this one … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Japan in 2017

Last year I accomplished a life long dream, traveling to Japan and more importantly, Tokyo. While I have posted a few things since then about the trip and on social media, I wanted to really put together a blog about … Continue reading

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Hurricane Question: How to heat stuff when the power goes out?

Alright, this has been a question on my mind for some time and with hurricane season here, I am still looking for an answer. How do you heat food or water when the power goes out?

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