USF football: Thoughts on the running back spot

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The running back position is loaded with a lot of talent, but there are some questions about this group when it comes to game time this regular season.  Continue reading

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USF football: Thoughts on the Quarterback spot

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This topic has been discussed over and over again, but since the re-launch of the blog has begun, I wanted to add another take to it to start this quick five part series about thoughts on areas of concern regarding the 2018 football team. This topic of course being the quarterback spot and what on earth will happen this year under center.  Continue reading

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Getting Prepared: An overlooked item

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Hurricane supplies are straightforward (usually). Water, food, flashlights, generator, etc. are all the common items we go for but there is a luxury item that many are forgetting and I have made sure to cover it this year, I’m talking about battery-operated fans. Continue reading

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Getting back into the USF vibe

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For the USF readers that followed TBR back in the day and the readers who have followed me personally for some time, this is just a quick update on some upcoming USF material. First, I will have about five blog posts on the five biggest position concerns I have for the 2019 season. I won’t be posting a ton of stats and figures, but instead will be talking through the issues and hashing out my concerns and overall thoughts on each (for better or for worse). Continue reading

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Quick note to the TBR readers

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Hello USF readers, just a quick note for those who did not catch it the first time. If it is not completely obvious by now, this Twitter account @TheBullRush, is now pretty much offline as I have moved everything over to my personal account (as well as this blog) @mattofmind as I try to move everything over to one account. So please give me a follow on the @mattofmind Twitter account, I will follow back of course. I am not writing as much USF material but still in the game and have some projects coming down the line for the Bulls in the near future, so please follow along and thank you as always for all of your support you have given me through all these years.

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Final Thoughts on the Yuengling Center

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Last week the new naming deal for the old Sun Dome was made official, as the stadium was re-named the Yuengling Center under a new 10-year deal with the local brewery (becomes official as of July 1st).  Continue reading

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Paint is back!

Paint is back and oh dear god, he went for it. This is the first After Ever After by Paint in 4 years and the first two have become legendary. Each one has over 50 million views and this one is on the way. He is an incredibly talented vocalist and of course, the humor and the amazing editing makes it even better. Sorry if you are a huge Disney fan, Paint tends to take apart those happy endings that make Disney films great.

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