Getting prepared, ahead of schedule

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Right now most of Florida is recovering from the cold snaps or battling the flu, cranking up the heat for the first time in months and occasionally scraping ice off of our cars in the morning (glad that is now over). It’s not fun at all, but while battling the chills, I am slowly working on preparing my supplies for the upcoming hurricane season.  Continue reading

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2019: Return to Japan

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2018 was an amazing year for me, on a personal level. A trip I had been talking and planning for years finally became reality for me, Tokyo, Japan. It was incredible and I loved it so much, I am going back.  Continue reading

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Back in action next Monday

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This is a real quick blog, but I’m getting back into a regular swing of blogs starting on Thursday, February 5th. I hope to publish every day, taking the weekends off to just enjoy the weekends and get more material together. I’m still not 100% sure on what direction blog is going to go, but I think writing through it will be half of the fun as I find what I want to write about moving forward. Until then, I will get some preparation blogs and travel blogs moving forward. Those should be interesting and actually really eager to get those rolling moving forward.

*Side note, no more sports blogs as I have previously stated. Moving forward with new stuff so, just an FYI once again.

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First step

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While not 100% sure what I will write about moving forward full time on the blog, I am going to start a few blog posts talking about two subjects: travel and preparing for hurricane season. Random, I know, but it’s a few things I want to talk about. Continue reading

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Still sorting but one decision has been made

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So as I stated before, I am searching for my blogging purpose, trying to figure out what on earth I want to write and research about. While I continue this little journey, I know for one thing, I am done with sports writing in general.  Continue reading

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At a crossroads

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I’ve reached a crossroads in my blogging life. On one hand, it’s grown boring, on the other, I still love to write. Allow me to explain.  Continue reading

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TBR: USF WBB beats Memphis

The Bulls, 15-4 (5-1), rallied to beat Memphis 81 to 62. It was close early, but the Bulls were able to take control late to win in deciding fashion. Continue reading

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